New generation helping to develop family farms in NJ

The pandemic forced many farmers to find new ways to reach customers

June is National Dairy Month and in recognition of the significant impact that farmers have on the state economy and community, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher presented the Lyness family of Spring Run Dairy in Hunterdon County with a proclamation. Spring Run Dairy is owned and operated by Daniel Lyness, who farms 250 acres and started this operation eight years ago.

“It’s a challenge every single day. You wake up every morning to milk cows, feed cows, take care of their offspring, take care of the field crops that are going to feed the cows and then you finish the day off with milking the cows again. it’s a day full of work but it’s very rewarding work when you get to take care of the animals that produce a product as delicious as milk,” said Lyness, who added that it’s all about creating something that works and is profitable for the next generation. One way he reaches customers is through social media.

“The pandemic has really altered how we’re doing it because we always sold milk as a bulk commodity and now we’re processing it so we can sell it to our local neighbors and friends and local community. So we’re really reaching out, giving people that ability to come right to the local farmer, have that connection with the local farmer to see right where their food is produced and how it’s made.”

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