Sen. Weinberg Says It’s Time To Get Answers On GWB Lane Closures

Following the lane closures of the George Washington Bridge in September, Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye was issued a subpoena. Democratic Sen. Loretta Weinberg told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider about the closure issue and Wednesday’s Port Authority monthly meeting.

“There was one bright light. Executive Director Foye said he was going to comply with the subpoena so we’re hoping that on Monday we’ll get some answers,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg also said that she has been critical about the silence from the Port Authority following the lane closures since there had been speculation that the lane closures were a form of political payback. Since the lane closures, Weinberg says that she does not believe that Gov. Chris Christie made the order to close lanes.

Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni testified that there were lanes for Fort Lee residents on the GWB, but Weinberg said that anybody can drive in the lanes.

Weinberg said that if no explanation is given about the decision to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge, speculation will continue to grow on why it occurred.

If the lane closures were made as political payback or an internal war between New York and New Jersey, Weinberg wondered why the residents would be punished.

“Why are the residents who are paying huge amounts of money — in fact just got another increase in tolls this past weekend — why are they being punished?” asked Weinberg. “For what? For some kind of hijinks among a group of boys at the Port Authority? That is shocking and it’s time, in fact, whether it’s an internal battle between New York and New Jersey, or a petty political atmosphere, it’s time to stop, get the answers and move on.”

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