WATCH: How to vote in person in NJ for 2020 election

Some polling locations will be open on Election Day in each county for those who wish to vote in person

If you don’t want to vote by mail, you can vote in person on Nov. 3. At least one polling location will be open in virtually every New Jersey municipality between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Polling location:

Don’t go to your usual polling location before checking that it is going to be open. Not all locations will be open in every municipality and some locations also may change to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. You should receive a postcard or letter from your county alerting you of the location of your polling place. These are also available through the NJ Spotlight News elections page and on the state Division of Elections Voter Information Portal.

Paper ballot or machine?

People have asked if they will get to vote on a machine on Nov. 3. The answer is: not unless they have a disability that requires an accommodation. Nearly everyone who votes in person at a polling location on Nov. 3 will do so using a paper provisional ballot.

Q: But I have heard some say a provisional ballot is not a real ballot.

A: All provisional ballots cast by registered voters who had not already cast a mail-in ballot are counted. The use of provisional ballots instead of machines is a safeguard to ensure that a person does not vote twice — once by mail and once in person. Provisional ballots are counted after mail-in ballots for that reason.

For more on how to vote and the issues New Jersey voters are deciding this election, visit the NJ Spotlight News elections portal.

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