Watch Group Seeks Permanent Ban of Fracking in New Jersey

New Jersey Food and Water Watch Director Jim Walsh says fracking is a dangerous practice that should be completely banned.

New Jersey has a one-year ban on hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking. Governor Chris Christie vetoed a permanent ban on the practice that extracts oil and natural gas and instead recommended the shorter ban to allow more time for research. Fracking is a controversial process that some say is completely safe, but others believe it causes harm to the environment and impacts the health of residents.

Director of New Jersey Food and Water Watch Jim Walsh sat down with NJToday’s Mike Schneider to discuss a ban on fracking that he believes should be permanent. He said there has been “mounting evidence” supporting a ban including the appearance of benzene, a known carcinogen, and methane in drinking water.


Walsh said his group will work for a full, outright ban of fracking in New Jersey before the current one-year policy expires. “We don’t want this practice to come to our state,” he said. New Jersey has shale deposits in western portions where fracking could be used. Walsh and his group want to prevent what they view as a dangerous practice from entering the state.

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