WATCH: How to fill out your mail-in ballot in NJ for 2020 election

Some tips for completing a mail-in ballot

Mail-in ballots for each county in New Jersey can look different, so pay attention to the specific instructions provided on your own ballot.


  • Use a pen to color in the circle next to the candidate of your choice as if you were filling out the SAT;
  • Vote only for the specified number of candidates for each office, and the “yes” or “no” public questions;
  • Sign the certificate attached to the envelope in which you place your ballot, using your normal signature;
  • Do not detach the certificate from the envelope; doing so would void your ballot;
  • Remember to enclose your ballot in the inner envelope with the certificate attached, seal that and then place it in the outer envelope, which you must also seal;
  • If someone else is delivering your ballot, that person must complete and sign the outer envelope.


  • Complete your ballot early enough to get it to your county in time to be counted;
  • You can send in your ballot as early as you like, but all ballots must be postmarked or delivered by Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

How to get a replacement ballot:

  • If you make a mistake with your mail-in ballot, you can request a replacement ballot from your county clerk. All requests for mail-in ballots must be made by Oct. 23.

Worried about your signature?

  • A mismatched signature is one reason why a ballot could be rejected. If you think your signature has changed since you originally registered to vote, you can submit a new signature by filling out a voter registration form, checking the “signature update” box and mailing it to your county election office.
  • If, once you cast your ballot, election officials question your signature, they are required to give you a chance to fix that issue. In that case, the county will send you a letter to fill out in which you attest that you did vote the ballot. You must return that in a timely manner for your vote to count.

For more on how to vote and the issues New Jersey voters are deciding this election, visit the NJ Spotlight News elections portal.