Tech incubator for women of color moves to Newark

Raven Santana, Correspondent | October 11, 2019

Tech entrepreneur Kathryn Finney says she felt invisible while pitching an idea in a room filled with investors.

That’s why she made it her mission to help women of color fund their own tech companies by creating DigitalUndivided – a social enterprise that offers resources, networking opportunities and guidance for black and Latinx women entrepreneurs.

“We don’t actually care if you went to school or not, that’s irrelevant to us,” she said. “Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with education, it has to do with drive, it has to do with energy, it has to do with execution.”

The nonprofit networking organization gained attention after launching Project Diane, named after civil rights icon Diane Nash. It focused on women of color and their involvement in the startup community.

Since its founding in 2013, DigitalUndivided has built more than 50 companies and raised over $25 million in investments. Now, they’re moving their headquarters from Atlanta to Newark.

The organization’s chief of staff, Valeska Toro, says the incubator is focused on finding great founders first, many of whom are new to the world of startups.

“If you do have an idea, you come in, we have a program. We take you really from the very beginning, where you have an idea, to actually helping you build your business, to then actually being able to present it to investors,” Toro said.

Finney says starting in December she will be accepting applications for the organization’s incubator program that will begin in February.