Sen. Weinberg: Internal GWB Review is Premature

NJ Spotlight News | March 27, 2014 | Politics
Weinberg says she is convinced Christie's internal review of the GWB lane closures was premature at best.

The internal review of the George Washington Bridge lane closures was released with Gov. Chris Christie’s attorney Randy Mastro discussing the findings from the report today. Co-Chair of the Select Committee on Investigation Sen. Loretta Weinberg told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that she is convinced that Mastro’s report was premature at best.

Weinberg said that the report parses words in a very inappropriate manner. For example, she said Mastro described the email from Executive Director of the Port Authority Patrick Foye as Foye being upset because he was not informed about the traffic study. She said that in fact the email says very clearly that officials did not follow any of the processes of the Port Authority and most importantly, that perhaps federal and state laws were broken.

“That email was shared with the Port Authority and with the director of the governor’s own department of authorities and the reaction to that was ‘well Bill Baroni said it was really a traffic study’ and nobody looked into Foye’s accusations that laws might have been broken here. What I find most disturbing about things like this is the way Mastro describes that email. He leaves out the most pertinent parts of the email,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg said that she is convinced that Mastro’s report at best was premature. “He draws conclusions without ever having the opportunity to speak to any of the main cast of characters in this drama — David Wildstein, Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni, David Samson. Let’s talk about the fact that Mastro describes that Wildstein said that he told Christie on Sept. 11 about the lane closures and he said that Christie does not recall that conversation and even if the conversation did take place, why should Christie take note of it?” said Weinberg.

“How can Mastro draw conclusions on what took place in a conversation? The best thing I can say about this report is it was premature, it was rushed and I suspect it had something to do with Christie’s impending trip to Las Vegas with top national donors,” said Weinberg.

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