Robins: Hakim Will Have Her Hands Full at NJ Transit

NJ Spotlight News | February 18, 2014 | Politics, Transportation
Robins said that Ronnie Hakim is going to have her hands full taking over Jim Weinstein's position at NJ Transit.

Jim Weinstein resigned from NJ Transit today, and Alan Vorhees Transportation Control Founding Director Martin Robins told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that Ronnie Hakim, who is taking Weinstein’s place is going to have her hands full if Gov. Chris Christie continues the policies he has previously maintained with the transportation organization.

Robins said that he is not surprised that Weinstein resigned because it has been rumored for several months. But he does not know that Weinstein really wanted to leave NJ Transit because he was always loyal to the organization.

“Weinstein was dealt a very difficult hand from the beginning because Christie said he would never raise the gasoline tax and that made capital funding very spare. He obviously disappointed everyone at NJ Transit including Weinstein. The Sandy incident was a very unfortunate one and the Super Bowl mess. Weinstein can be looked at as a scapegoat but I don’t personally put him in that category,” Robins said.

As far as the Super Bowl problems with NJ Transit, Robins said NJ Transit staff had filled Robins’ ears with concerns of the limited capacity of the system that goes from Secaucus Junction to MetLife Stadium.

There is an ongoing problem with the capacity going into New York as well and NJ Transit needs to figure out a way to solve it, according to Robins.

“I think as long as Christie continues with policies that he as maintained with inadequate funding capital, I think Hakim is going to have her hands full,” Robins said.