Republican Senator Defends Christie’s Budget, Supports Supreme Court Nominees

NJ Spotlight News | February 27, 2012 | Politics
Kevin O'Toole is in favor of Governor Christie's $32.1 billion spending plan and criticizes the Democrats for bashing it prematurely.

Republican Sen. Kevin O’Toole spoke with NJToday Managing Editor Mike Schneider to discuss Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget and Supreme Court nominees.

O’Toole was supportive of Christie’s $32.1 billion spending plan, saying he trusted Christie who has introduced three “fiscally sound, responsible, reasonable” budgets. He said if the Democrats are willing to work with the governor and are working toward sound public policy, “the budget should remain largely intact.”

O’Toole criticized the Democrats for holding a press conference “to destroy the budget before they even read it.” He said he hopes Democrats are willing to work cooperatively with the governor because “New Jersey will benefit.”

O’Toole also discussed Christie’s Supreme Court nominations and how he wants an investigation into the leaked confidential questionnaires. He said after his own research, he believes Bruce Harris and Philip Kwon are “supremely qualified” and hopes that they will be unanimously approved to their positions as justices.