Reporter Details How DiVincenzo’s Use of Campaign Funds Came to Light

NJ Spotlight News | February 2, 2012 | Politics
Darryl Isherwood, Editor of, says Joe DiVincenzo has spent more than $250,000 since 2002.

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo said he would back reforming campaign finance laws. But that may not be enough to avoid an investigation into his own spending habits. Reports indicate DiVincenzo charged golf trips, meals and other questionable items to his campaign account.

DiVincenzo bristled at charges that he did anything wrong, saying “since 1995, I have not spent one dollar of Essex County taxpayer [money] on government work or political work right here in Essex County.”

Managing Editor Mike Schneider sat down with the Editor of Darryl Isherwood, a reporter who broke the story. According to Isherwood, paperwork suggests that DiVincenzo has spent more than $250,000 since 2002. He would charge expenses on his own credit card and get reimbursed by the campaign, said Isherwood.

The questionable expenses came to light in October, said Isherwood, when DiVincenzo filed an itemized report of his expenditures for the first time. The report revealed reimbursements for expenses such as a tuxedo vest, bicycle repair and golf balls.


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