Rep. Mikie Sherrill: Relief bill ‘to support economy, families and kids’

NJ congresswoman says the bill will give much-needed aid to families, local governments, schools, even vaccination centers

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill passed Wednesday, which would eventually give many New Jersey families stimulus checks. Biden is expected to sign the bill on Friday. Millions of families can expect checks of $1,400, averaging $2,600 per household or couple. Individuals making under $75,000 and married couples making under $150,000 would receive the $1,400 direct payments.

Along with the checks, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11) says this bill will give much-needed aid to local governments, schools and even vaccination centers.

Sherrill said she has been speaking with economists from around the country for a year now, and they all have recommended to keep putting support into the economy where it is needed.

“I think this spending is critical to support the economy, to support families, to support our kids and to really get everyone through these — I hope — final stages of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Sherrill.

Many residents are asking when they can expect those direct payments; Sherrill said Congress and the IRS are working to get those checks out as soon as possible but there is no set date.

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