Rep. Andy Kim donates suit from day of Capitol insurrection to Smithsonian

NJ congressman hopes now-famous suit helps to show the resilience shown that day too

A simple blue suit, that was purchased on sale, is being donated to the Smithsonian Institution. The suit belongs to Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ). Images of him wearing it spread quickly across social media after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The photographs captured him kneeling in the suit, with trash bag in hand, as he helped to clean up after the riot.

Kim said he bought the suit to wear on Inauguration Day. Later he wore it to cast his vote for former President Trump’s second impeachment. After Jan. 6, he vowed never to look at it again until he got a phone call from the Smithsonian asking him to help in preserving the story of Jan. 6. In a series of tweets, Kim said he hopes it tells a different side to that moment in history — not just one of destruction, but of the hope and resilience shown that day, too.

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