Pfizer COVID booster proposal gets cold shoulder from health officials

'Folks should be reassured that the actual regulators and scientists who are responsible for our health and protection came out and said, "Not so fast! We have to take a look ourselves,"' said Dr. Shereef Elnahal

“Not so fast!” Health officials gave the cold shoulder to Pfizer’s announcement it would seek approval for a COVID-19 booster, a third shot to extend immunity to the coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control and Protection’s director noted Americans don’t need a booster, yet. University Hospital’s Dr. Shereef Elnahal said, “What we’re hearing from the community is, “When is this going to stop? You’re telling me it’s one shot, two shots, more shots … If you’re talking about boosters prematurely, that doesn’t really help with vaccine hesitancy.” Pfizer also announced it’s planning clinical trials for a revamped vaccine that specifically targets the fast-spreading delta variant.

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