Pediatric ICU director on uptick in adolescent COVID-19 cases and CDC push for teen vaccinations

Meteorologists say we’re not technically in a heat wave but it sure feels like one. And Monday Gov. Phil Murphy reminded school officials that current masking requirements for kids do have exceptions in cases of extreme heat. That discretion is being left up to individual schools and summer camps.

As students get back to more normal activities, there’s an increased push to get the COVID-19 vaccine in their arms. According to the health commissioner on Monday, since the beginning of the year just over 1% of 5- to 18-year-olds have been hospitalized. But 9% of those patients required a stay in the ICU. It’s bolstering public health leaders’ opinion that more needs to be done to get this age group vaccinated.

Dr. Jennifer Owensby offers her insight as the Medical Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital.

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