Nor’easter’s effects will continue into the weekend

The nor’easter that brought March in like a lion is sliding away, but many across New Jersey will feel its impacts long after the last snowflakes and raindrops have fallen.

The storm has brought a wide array of impacts to New Jersey today — flooding rains, over a foot of snow, coastal flooding and nearly hurricane-force wind gusts have occurred across New Jersey in the last 12 hours. Some of the weather headlines include:

  • Over a foot of snow in elevated portions of Sussex County
  • Widespread wind gusts in excess of 60 mph
  • Coastal tides pushed to Moderate and Major flood stage
  • Over 2 inches of rain in central and northern New Jersey

Precipitation will end by 9 p.m., falling almost strictly in fringe bands wrapping around the broad western edge of the storm. An additional inch or two will accumulate before precipitation finally ends. With soggy ground, strong winds and in some cases, trees heavy with wet snow, power outages will continue to occur through the night. As of 6 p.m. Friday evening, the number of New Jersey residents without power was over 200,000 and climbing.

The other lingering impact will be coastal flooding. Even as the storm center slides away, persistent northerly winds will keep water from flowing out of New Jersey’s bays and inlets. Each of the next four high tide cycles could bring water levels that exceed those seen Friday morning. Saturday morning looks to bring the peak of the flooding.

Away from the shoreline, Saturday and Sunday are going to be pretty nice days, all things considered. Fair skies and temperatures in the mid-40s will be enjoyed, even with a light breeze continuing further inland. Luckily, the rapid improvement in weather should allow power crews to address outages quickly. We should be back to normal, weather-wise, across most of New Jersey pretty quickly.