NJ Spotlight News: October 30, 2020

NJ Spotlight News | October 30, 2020 | Full Episodes

As we head into a cold Halloween holiday weekend it’ll be a test to see how well the state complies with keeping a distance and limiting indoor parties, something state leaders are adamantly warning against. New positive coronavirus test numbers are at levels we haven’t seen since early May, more than 2,000 reported today, pushing the cumulative total to more than 236,000 and 7 more deaths with more than 16,000 total lives lost to this virus.

The rest of the nation is not faring any better. The U.S. yesterday recorded a new daily high with 90,000 confirmed cases. The governor sharing the update at his first in-person event since self-isolating over concerns of positive COVID-19 cases among his inner staff. Those two aides have since each received two consecutive negative PCR test results. The event was held today at Rutgers University to name Dr. Brian Bridges as the new Secretary of Higher Education. Governor Murphy is still planning to limit his appearances as we prepare to battle this second wave of the virus.  Murphy says he wants to avoid another statewide lockdown though it’s not off the table entirely.