NJ Spotlight News: October 23, 2020

NJ Spotlight News | October 23, 2020 | Full Episodes

Still in quarantine, Gov. Phil Murphy made a virtual appearance Friday to sign a new law requiring long-term care facilities to increase the number of nurses aides at each location. For the first time, it sets a limit on how many residents each aid is asked to care for. The legislation has been blocked by some lawmakers and lobbyists for years. But the staffing shortage and the consequences it caused was put in the spotlight after more than seven thousand long-term care residents lost their lives to the coronavirus.

For the sixth consecutive day, the state is reporting more than a thousand new positive coronavirus tests. The statewide total is now 225,430. With 11 new deaths, there are now 16,273 total probable and confirmed fatalities. Hospitalization rates have also hit a three month high.