NJ Spotlight News: January 11, 2021

NJ Spotlight News | January 11, 2021 | Full Episodes

The state is reporting new milestones in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout with more than 1 million residents pre-registering to get their shots. Just over 200,000 have received one so far.

Aiding that effort, the second of six vaccine megasites is now fully operational. The facility at Rowan College in Gloucester County will be one of 300 vaccine distribution sites once the vaccine becomes widely available.

The number of new positive tests hit 5,042 Monday, with 532,959 total cases since the start of the pandemic. The totals are likely underreported and surge higher if you include positive antigen, or rapid, tests. Fifty-one more deaths were reported for a total of 19,932 probable and confirmed fatalities since the start of the outbreak.