NJ Spotlight News: December 16, 2020

NJ Spotlight News | December 16, 2020 | Full Episodes

Day 2 of the big vaccine roll out. Frontline workers at Cooper University Hospital in Camden received their vaccines. Nurses and doctors at six hospitals have now been inoculated and the governor says health care workers at 40 more hospitals will be by the end of the week.

But first, the governor declares a state of emergency, saying the northwest part of the state should expect a “major, major storm.” Snow totals in the south less than 6 inches, but up north up to 18 inches and some areas up to 24 inches. The governor says we can expect snow, sleet and rain and strong winds up to 50 mph. The state has faced many winter storms before, but how are preparations different this time around with COVID-19?

Also, how will the storm impact the spread of the virus? With people more inclined to stay home it might limit the spread, but it also means people aren’t going to be able to get to testing centers if they need it and trips to the hospital might also be difficult.