NJ hospital fires staffers for bogus COVID-19 vaccination cards

Gov. Murphy said he doesn't think fake vaccination cards are widespread

A “handful” of staffers at Newark’s University Hospital were fired after they tried to pass off bogus COVID-19 vaccination cards, apparently to beat the hospital’s mandatory vaccination requirement. The Manhattan District Attorney on Tuesday charged a Lyndhurst woman with selling fake vaccination cards on Instagram under the account @AntiVaxMomma.

Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday called the Lyndhurst woman a “knucklehead” and said fake vaccination cards are not a widespread problem. But health care experts and business owners who need to ensure the cards have concerns. Some want a QR-code type of system that would be tough to tamper with and easier to verify.

Dr Shereef Elnahal, president and CEO of University Hospital, said they were able to spot noticeable differences between the CDC-generated vaccination cards and the forged ones. “But it makes everybody less safe if people are dishonest about their vaccination status,” Elnahal said.

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