NJ contact tracers meet major resistance, 70% of people not cooperating

Gov. Murphy says people should be staying at home except for essential needs

Gov. Phil Murphy called out Portobello, a Bergen County restaurant, during his coronavirus briefing Wednesday, citing a photo of a massive crowd there without masks or social distancing on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s for this reason Murphy said he wants an all-out limit on travel, asking residents to stay home, aside from essential needs like going to work, school, food shopping or medical appointments.

The photo would be considered a nightmare for contact tracers who are already having a tough time getting residents to comply. The issue has gotten so bad, Murphy says 70% of people are not cooperating when local health departments try to reach them. Mistrust of government appears to be the number one reason residents won’t participate, so is it time for the state to change its strategy? Correspondent Joanna Gagis reports.