NJ Business Beat: A look at housing in the state

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NJ legalizes marijuana & approves plastic bag ban

Two progressive measures found approval in New Jersey last week. Voters overwhelmingly chose to legalize recreational marijuana and the governor signed off on a plastic bag ban. When New Jerseyans will start to feel the impact from these two approved measures?


250 workers lose jobs at historic refinery

The pandemic has ravaged New Jersey’s economy, and the latest example is the layoff of 250 workers at a historic refinery in Paulsboro. Rhonda sits down with Assemblyman John Burzichelli to talk about how to bring those jobs back, how to repurpose the refinery to spur job growth and how to improve the overall state of the economy in NJ.


Advice for home buyers and sellers

Homes are flying off the market in New Jersey as more families escape city life for suburbia. So, what does that mean for you if you’re buying or selling your home? One New Jersey realtor explains why now is the best time to sell your home, and why buyers need to be more prepared than ever when putting in an offer.


Affordable housing crisis

Even though New Jersey’s housing market is booming, advocates say there is still an overwhelming need for affordable housing in the state. Rhonda talks down with Rev. Eric Dobson from Fair Share Housing to discuss the state’s options for expanding affordable housing and why it has been so difficult for families in need of housing to find it.

Solutions for those falling behind on rent during pandemic

By the end of 2020, renters in New Jersey and across the country will have amassed $7.2 billion in debt. The pandemic has cost families their jobs, and in turn their ability to keep up with rent. Rhonda talks to housing advocates about the rights renters have during the pandemic and the looming eviction crisis with so many families months behind on rent.

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