New video shows Stockholm resident and gym owner attacking a cop in the U.S. Capitol

New video released by the Department of Justice shows an NJ resident pushing then punching a cop during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Law enforcement officials continue to pursue cases against those they say participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol. As part of Exploring Hate, our ongoing series on antisemitism, racism and extremism, Leah Mishkin reports on the release of new video that helped build a criminal case against a New Jersey man who authorities say was in D.C. on that day.

Major funding for Exploring Hate has been provided by the Sylvia A. and Simon B. Poyta Programming Endowment to Fight Antisemitism, The Peter G. Peterson and Joan Ganz Cooney Fund and Patti Askwith Kenner.

WATCH: More with ties to NJ charged as US Capitol riot investigation continues

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