New AG Tackles Child Pornography and Prescription Drug Abuses

NJ Spotlight News | January 25, 2012
In cases of child pornography, there are no "victimless crimes," said Jeff Chiesa, New Jersey's newest Attorney General.

In cases of child pornography, there are no “victimless crimes,” said Jeff Chiesa, New Jersey’s newest Attorney General. Chiesa said the problem of child pornography in New Jersey relates not only to commercial production for wide-spread distribution but also to situations where relatives “will tape acts with people under their care” and put it on the Internet. Once it goes on the Internet, said Chiesa, “there’s no way of controlling who’s going to have access to it.”

Other items on his priority list include stopping the abuse of prescription drugs. The use of addictive pain killers without the supervision of a physician, he said, can have terrible consequences and “destroy lives.” With the help of pharmacies, he’s looking to stop the practice of ‘doctor shopping’ and ‘pharmacy shopping’ for recreational drug use. Chiesa said, for the first time in New Jersey, pharmacies are providing data which helps his office track who is filling multiple prescriptions at multiple pharmacies from multiple physicians.

In an interview she gave to NJToday, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver stated she wanted a full investigation into the use of financial enticements to lure concert promoters to the Izod Center, saying she doesn’t believe taxpayer money should be used in that way. Chiesa said that his office is reviewing the matter and would not comment on whether there is or will be an investigation.

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