More Claims by Second Amendment Society in Denying of Handgun Permits by Police

By Michael Hill

Edison Police have yet to comment about the New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s secret recording of police department employees dispensing what appears to be misleading information about a permit to carry a concealed gun:

“Question: The court and the judge want my education and resume?
Clerk answers: Everything is right there, tells you what you want. This is through the superior court, sir. We do not, I just process it here but that’s the superior court. That’s what they want.”

Alex Roubian, President of New Jersey Second Amendment Society said “municipalities and judges have no regard for the law. They disobey it. They break it. They violate it. They include all kinds of additional requirements that are not allowed by law. There’s absolutely no recourse and no repercussions for them.”

Robert Pallitto is a lawyer and associate professor at Seton Hall University. He says New Jersey has tough gun laws but that not giving the public information is better than giving them wrong or misleading information. “It’s certainly not a good thing that government officials are giving people information that’s not correct.”

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society says repeated complaints of comments and practices that deny gun ownership led it to secretly record conversations with several police departments in the state.

In July the governor ordered change in policy for police to speed up application process for those who want a carry permit and are under a direct or material threat and want to carry for self defense. But that seems lost on two officers on tape:

“usually 30 days?”
“No 6 to 8 weeks.”
“Then I can carry.”
“Oh no…”

Alex Roubian said “they want a disarmed populace.”

It is rare for police to issue carry permits in New Jersey and the law professor says police have good reason to exercise the great discretion New Jersey law allows. Palliate continues “police have practical concern about guns leading to lethal violence.”

Several New Jersey lawmakers declined to comment on this latest video. No comment from Edison Police and no comment from the State Attorney General’s Office about another hidden-camera recording that gun rights advocates say speaks volumes about attempts to put the constitutional right to bear arms into practice in NJ.