Mary Alice Williams as Guest Ringmaster for Big Apple Circus

NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams was given the chance to do what she’s never done before when she was invited to be the guest ringmaster at the Big Apple Circus in Bridgewater this past Saturday. She spoke with some of the performers before making her Big Top debut.

When asked what the best thing about performing in New Jersey is, Ringmaster John Kennedy Kane said, “As performers we would say that people in New Jersey love the circus. We don’t know why, but they love the circus. They’re going to come see us.”

As for preparation, Francesco the musical clown said, “It’s very good. You have to come inside yourself to make your clown inside and have to give outside for the public.”

“It takes a couple decades of experience before you can become an animal trainer. I’m a third generation circus performer and animal trainer. My grandfather started it all in Trenton. It’s history from there,” said Jenny Vidbel.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, on with the show!

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