Majority of NJ towns opt out of legal weed sales

Many towns are waiting to see how the rules are enforced in practice

The long-awaited launch of New Jersey’s legal marijuana program is finally in view. Regulators recently agreed on rules and regulations for the industry as they prepare to open the application process for the licensing of new businesses. But only about 30% of towns in the state have opted in for recreational pot.

Mike Cerra, executive director at the New Jersey League of Municipalities, said it’s not a surprise that 70% or so chose to opt out for now, a rate that’s consistent with the experience in other states that have gone through legalization. “I think about a quarter of that maybe to a third of that group are actively engaged in monitoring the regulations and seeing what comes out of it and might have some interest in another six months or another year depending on what comes out of the regulatory process,” Cerra said.

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