Lawyers argue against releasing names of police officers charged with misconduct

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has pushed for the mandate since last year

There’s fresh debate this week over whether the names of police officers charged with official misconduct should be made public. On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court heard hours of arguments in a lawsuit led by a group of police unions. Lawyers who argued Attorney General Gurbir Grewal does not have the power to call for the mandate said that publicizing the names of officers who have received “major discipline” threatens those officers and their families.

The court is looking at two directives made by Grewal in June. One requires the names of officers to be released and the other releases identities from cases over the last 20 years. Attorneys argued the directive was made hastily following nationwide racial justice protests during the summer and won’t enhance the public’s trust in law enforcement. But a lower court already ruled the plan is legal.

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