PSE&G Taking Steps in Preparation For Super Bowl

NJ Spotlight News | November 27, 2013 | Sports
PSE&G is taking all necessary precautions to avoid a blackout at the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands.

The first Super Bowl at the Meadowlands is just about two months away and PSE&G President and COO Ralph LaRossa told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the utility is doing everything possible so a blackout does not occur during the game.

“I’m going to only assure you that we’ve done everything we can to take steps to keep that from happening,” said LaRossa.

For the day of the game, LaRossa said that there will be generators in place for the media and attendees.

During the last Super Bowl in New Orleans, the power went out in the third quarter of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers game. LaRossa said that the situation in New Jersey is unique, compared to when the power went out in New Orleans for a failure in the substations. The substation for the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority facilities is owned by the the NJSEA and the state. The panel box for the stadium is owned by MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

LaRossa said that PSE&G will be acting in an advisory role and helping out to determine the best practices available for the game and that they have been reviewing assets as well as replacing them in preparation. Polls, wires and switches have been fixed or replaced and are sure to be in proper working order.

On the day of the Super Bowl, about 18 megawatts will be used to power the Meadowlands, electricity that can be used to power about 21,000 homes.

“So that 18 megawatts was put on the stadium, we ran the load up, tested everything,” said LaRossa. “We had a couple little blips here and there, but we replaced those. It was really switches and actually in the arena at that we had some problems with and brought everything back and we’re prepared.”

LaRossa also said that during the New Orleans Super Bowl, a failsafe failed, which caused the blackout. According to LaRossa, the load wasn’t tested the proper way.

PSE&G is helping out with he cost of power for the game. LaRossa said if the power went out, it would impact PSE&G and the utility is doing as much as it can to help.

On the day of the game, LaRossa said PSE&G wants to stay in the background even though they are part of the host committee.

In Nutley, a substation went down due to the storm heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. LaRossa said that the change in temperature played a part in the substation going down.

“It’s not even in an area where it’s low lying,” said LaRossa. “This was where we had fog basically come into the compartments and it flashes over and it happened in two parts of the station at the same time.”

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