Jersey City Crews Spread 6,000 Tons of Salt

In Jersey City, crews have been working around the clock to stay ahead of the snow, sleet and ice pelting the Hudson County area.

“It’s just real messy. We thought we’d have a little bit more snow. This is a little more hail, sleet, snow and rain, just a big mess. So we’ll be out here cleaning it up. It’s more salt, heavy is what we’re doing,” said Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop.

Jersey City deployed roughly 80 public works crews to hit the streets, plowing and spreading more than 6,000 tons of salt.

“We are going through salt faster than we thought. We ordered another 2,000 tons this morning that will arrive a little bit later,” Fulop said.

And it went out just as fast as it came in. With schools and government offices closed, municipal employees say they didn’t have to deal with the usual stranded cars or civilians. Mostly, wide open roads to get the job done.

“It’s just like any other snowstorm. It’s just a continuous battle, you know, basically uphill because you go from snow to sleet,” said Chuck Schaadt of the Jersey City MUA.

Schaadt let us hitch a ride on his truck. The city is doubling up on salt, instead of plows. As temperatures dip, authorities anticipate ice becoming the larger problem. And that makes digging out a back breaking job.

How was shoveling for Jim Macchia?

“Horrible. The sleet is really taking its toll on us, you know? We’ve been out for the second time today to do this,” he said.

Macchia was out with his son at 1 a.m. salting his sidewalk. Even that wasn’t enough.

“We’re going to hit it around 4 o’clock this afternoon and re-salt it,” he said.

Thankful they’ve been, mostly, spared.

So crews will continue to work through the night into the morning to get the plows out and the rest of what was this 6,000 ton pile of salt out on the roads.

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