Integrative medicine offers patients treatment options beyond pills

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Wall Township resident Christine Mazza was faced with a decision: take a drug that could treat her disorder but potentially bring about damaging side effects or not take it and risk her condition worsening. It was that very dilemma that led the mother of two to the Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar.

The health center uses high-level testing to take a close look at a patient’s body and assess their condition and then develops a comprehensive treatment plan. It’s an alternative that for many people beats taking a pill.

Patients often use the facility’s resources as part of their treatment plans, which include an infrared sauna designed to help fight off infections by increasing an individual’s internal temperature and a device that stimulates visual centers of the brain.

As for Mazza, she recently completed her treatment plan with the Integrative Wellness Group and was told she, in fact, doesn’t have rheumatoid arthritis, bringing her great relief.

“I think people are really tired of the solution always being the same, and that solution is going to be usually some type of pill that’s really just creating a Band-Aid effect,” said Dr. Nicole Rivera, co-owner of the Belmar establishment. “People are asking more questions, they’re asking about their diet, they want to understand nutrition, they want to understand what can they do differently in their life to actually feel better, get out of pain and stay out of pain.”