Inmate at Fort Dix federal prison dies from COVID-19

ACLU says he was denied compassionate release for chronic health conditions

An inmate at Fort Dix federal prison, identified as 58-year-old Myron Crosby by the Bureau of Prisons, has died from the coronavirus. It’s the first COVID-19 death at the low-security prison where more than half of the inmates have tested positive for the disease since March. The ACLU says the Bureau of Prisons denied Crosby compassionate release for his chronic health conditions in October. He tested positive for the virus in late December, was admitted to a hospital on Jan. 7 with breathing difficulties and died last Friday.

Fort Dix logged nearly 800 active, positive cases earlier this month. The Bureau of Prisons says currently there are 73 COVID-19-positive inmates and 31 positive staff. Activists and family members have challenged these numbers.

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