Illegal Guns Make Their Way Onto NJ Streets Via Online Sales

The illegal trafficking of guns online is giving criminals an easy access to deadly weapons and creating more pressure on law enforcement from Newark to Camden. According to investigative reporter Adele Sammarco who reported on the story in-depth for, online sales accounts for 40% of gun sales nationwide.


Despite New Jersey’s stricter gun laws, illegal guns have made their way into New Jersey’s cities including Newark, Trenton, Jersey City and Irvington. The usual time it takes to legally obtain a gun license in the Garden State is about two to four weeks. On the black market, anything goes and if purchased online, it could take up to three days for delivery by mail, or even over-night, if sent by UPS.

According to Sammarco, investigators who looked at 125 dealers in 14 states found that 62% of those dealers did not run background checks at all. So great is the problem of illegal guns that 550 mayors across the country have joined to create a bipartisan coalition, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to stop the illegal trafficking of guns.

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