Home Builders See Growing Demand After Hurricane Sandy

NJ Spotlight News | January 31, 2013 | Around NJ
Demand for home builders in New Jersey has grown as residents rebuild after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the state.

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

After a long, dry spell some home builders are finding there’s a growing demand for their services since Superstorm Sandy damaged an estimated 325,000 properties in the Garden State three months ago. Rob Martignetti, the owner of A.A. Roberts Carpentry, is one example. He’s been working on 28 projects recently, a significant increase from the two or three he typically has this time of year.

Out of state builders are hoping to take advantage of this anticipated construction boom. So far, more than 1,200 new contractors have registered in the state since Nov, 1. Dwight Pittenger of the New Jersey Builders Association says the influx of workers will likely help fill a void.


“Because of the degree of this recession and its depth, we’ve lost a lot of people in our business. It would be nice to say all of this work should be for New Jersey residents and contractors … but to serve the public … and to get them in their houses sooner, you’re going to have to have people from out of state,” said Pittenger.

Industry experts think the anticipated construction boom may not be in full swing yet. That’s because many homeowners are waiting to repair and rebuild until they get insurance payments. Others are deciding whether or not to elevate their homes. And since it could take several years for some hard it communities to fully recover, demand for contractors could continue for some time.