Gov. signs executive order mobilizing resources for Puerto Rico

NJ Spotlight News | September 29, 2017 | Politics

Gov. Chris Christie announced on Friday that New Jersey is joining the effort to help the devastated island of Puerto Rico. The governor said up to 1,100 state troopers, local law enforcement and National Guard members will be deployed to the island over the next six weeks to provide logistics and public safety support.

Operation New Jersey Pride, for the Puerto Rico Integrated Deployment Effort, is intended to bolster security efforts on the island and to ensure that relief supplies already underway in New Jersey will find their way to areas on the island that are most in need.

“All local police and emergency personnel as needed will be designated to bolster the New Jersey state police and national guard members and the equipment that we are mobilizing to the island,” said Christie. “So if you hear any announcements from other folks, whether it’s the Newark Police Department, the Jersey City Police Department, any other police department, we welcome all the help, but that help cannot be mobilized separately. This executive order requires that all of that be run by the State Police and the Office of Emergency Management so that we do so in a coordinate way.”

Christie also announced two New Jersey National Guard armories will be opening Monday as donation centers to aid hurricane relief efforts.