Gov. Phil Murphy declares state of emergency as wicked nor’easter rushes in

Governor will monitor ongoing delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to hospitals

New Jersey prepared Wednesday for a winter storm that’s expected to wallop the state with everything from torrential rain down south to a couple feet of snow up north. Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency, starting at 2 p.m. and warned people to stay home and off the highways. The state Department of Transportation issued a commercial vehicle travel restriction on interstate routes, not including toll roads, pre-positioned ploughs on treacherous hills, and readied rescue teams in case motorists become stranded.

The state has faced many winter storms before, but how are preparations different this time around with the complicating factor of COVID-19? Could the storm impact the spread of the virus? Or people’s access to testing centers and hospitals? Senior Correspondent Brenda Flanagan look at the potential impact.