Extremist anti-government squatter removed by SWAT team from Newark home

The squatter is part of what's known as the sovereign citizen movement

A SWAT team was involved in removing a squatter from a Newark woman’s home. The squatter is part of what’s known as the sovereign citizen movement, which the FBI calls an extremist movement and which has had adherents in New Jersey for decades.

“They believe our government, the federal government, but also often state or local governments too, is actually illegitimate and has no jurisdiction or authority over them; that they can freely ignore anything the government says,” said Mark Pitcavage, Senior Research Fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. He said that while many of the pioneers of the movement were white supremacists, “by the 1990s people of color were beginning to join the movement and, especially over the past 10 years, that has consistently increased.”

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