Equal pay, better protections demanded for NJ’s temp workers

Advocates say loopholes need to be closed

Temp Worker Justice, the national organization for temp workers, released a report on Labor Day showing 89% of temporary workers nationally — mostly minority women — contracted COVID-19 while on the job and did not receive any paid benefits while they missed work.

The workers affected are speaking out, sharing stories of unfair labor practices and highlighting a lack of protections they say puts them at greater risk since the coronavirus hit this area. Many temp workers say their jobs made it possible for others to safely work from home during the pandemic. Now, they’re demanding equal rights and pay.

“New Jersey is one of the states with the most temp workers in the country because they’re typically hired in the manufacturing and logistics industries,” said Dave De Sario, director of Temp Worker Justices, adding “These big companies can hire temp workers, and then when they get sick at the end of the day, they’re not responsible for sick pay. They’re not responsible for the unemployment insurance premiums. These workers are not affiliated with them in any way and it doesn’t reflect on their record.”

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