Editorial Columnist for The Record Talks About Wayne Hills Football Controversy and Sick Time Pay-outs

NJ Spotlight News | December 8, 2011 | Around NJ
Editorial page columnist for The Record Alfred Doblin discusses the Wayne Hills football player issue as well as accrued sick pay for public employees.

Editorial page columnist for The Record Alfred Doblin has been following the case of nine Wayne Hills High School football players who allegedly were involved in an attack on two Wayne Valley High School students in October. The case has garnered much attention and the students charged in the incident were barred from playing in a championship game last weekend. Doblin is also familiar with the issue of accrued sick time for public employees, which Governor Christie is trying to abolish.


Doblin sat down with NJToday’s Mike Schneider to talk about these hot topics. He said he agreed with the decision to keep the Wayne Hills players off the field since there was enough evidence to charge them with aggravated assault. Doblin said he also agreed with Christie on the accrued sick time issue, saying sick pay should be used when an employee is sick and not paid out like vacation and personal time often is.