Economic Improvement Found in NJBIA Survey

NJ Spotlight News | November 30, 2011
New Jersey Business and Industry Association President Philip Kirschner discusses the economic climate in the state.

A New Jersey Business and Industry Association survey has found improvement in the economic climate in the state, though the forecast is negative for the fourth consecutive year.

NJBIA President Philip Kirschner told NJToday’s Mike Schneider there is still work to be done, but pointed out that the attitude toward business in the state is generally positive. Two years ago, 52 percent of NJBIA companies said New Jersey was a poor place to do business. That number has since dropped to 28 percent, which Kirschner said indicates a positive trend.


Kirschner said New Jersey has more incentives for businesses than other states in the region and the recession may have helped open people’s eyes about what business has to offer. He said business prosperity is important because it leads to job growth, which helps sustain all types of industries. He added that the healthcare industry is one of the largest in the state.