Dramatic rise in COVID-19 shots among NJ health care workers

But employers say it’s had to debunk vaccine disinformation

COVID-19 vaccination rates have risen dramatically among New Jersey’s health care workers — especially those forced to choose between a jab and a job. And some providers won’t permit workers to opt out and take weekly tests instead.

Employers say it’s had to debunk vaccine disinformation, usually picked up on social media. Dr. Reginald Blaber, executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Virtua Health, said, “There seems to be a lot money to be made on the internet by putting misinformation out… That is very upsetting to me — that people can profit, really, at the cost of others’ lives.” This, as Congress Tuesday heard from a whistleblower who claimed Facebook knew that disinformation on its platforms caused harm. Facebook denies the allegations.

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