Despite Soggy Start, Seaside Park Ready for Fourth of July Weekend

Though the weather wasn't ideal, visitors came to the Seaside boardwalk for July 4.

By Michael Hill

They strolled the boardwalk as Hurricane Arthur soaked Seaside Park.

When asked how he enjoys this kind of weather, East Windsor resident Billy Roviar said, “We enjoy each other’s company. We enjoy each others company and we are just going to strive through it and got to the fireworks later.”

“You make the best of what you got,” said Sara Platizky of East Windsor.

The Perez family from North Bergen was heading to breakfast.

This is not a rain umbrella. “It’s a beach umbrella. I use it at the beach,” said Julian Perez.

Some vacation for the Petrinas from Budd Lake in Morris County.

Where’s the sun? “It’ll come out,” said Linda Petrina.

“Only sun we’ll see today is our son coming down the Turnpike,” said Bill Petrina.

“Make your own fun, go to the arcade, you play games, you put good movies on,” said Linda.

Beachgoers abandoned the sand and flooded the arcade for fun and for cover.

Kathie Kirckof of Seaside Heights describes what 11 a.m. on July 4 usually looks like.

“The beach will be packed and people will be running on the boardwalk and riding bicycles, most likely traffic. And one thing that always sticks in my mind this weekend is the parking fees are astronomical and people pay for it, $50 just to park your car,” she said.

In 2012, Sandy hammered the Jersey Shore. In 2013, an accidental fired burned the boardwalk and several businesses and it would have been worse if firefighters hadn’t chopped up the boardwalk to stop the fire from spreading.

Sawmill Cafe reopened three weekends ago.

“The weekend was good. They reconnected the boardwalk between Seaside Heights and Seaside Park and once it was connected we saw a stream of people coming in… A great day,” said Manager Ron Rinaldi.

There’s universal optimism here despite the sunless and soggy start to Independence Day 2014.

“I believe it’ll be a great weekend. Rain will stop, the hotels are pretty booked. It’s going to be pretty good,” said Roger Jarkezian, owner of souvenir and clothing store Sand Tropez.

Colombia and Brazil World Cup fans found their way to the Surfside Motel. It seemed nothing could dampen their pre-game spirits.