Deer Hunt Meant to Control Population; Some Say Policy is Flawed

The hunts are meant to control the large deer population in the state, but some say they are unnecessary.

Deer have gotten destructive in the state, destroying some plant life and causing thousands of car collisions. To save some of the wildlife, officials have installed an eight-foot fence in a Mercer County farm to protect young trees and shrubs from the deer. They say the project has been a success. To control the deer population, hunts are scheduled in certain New Jersey counties. But some members of animal rights groups say the population management policy is flawed and that the deer population is not biologically overpopulated.


Doris Lin of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey said the deer population will regulate on its own with the elderly and weak dying over the winter and fewer fawns born in the spring. But others believe a hunt is necessary to control the population. State wildlife officials say more than 55,000 deer were killed by hunters last year. Reporting from Mercer County, environment reporter Ed Rodgers files this report.

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