Curbing childhood obesity rates through healthy eating

In a state where people are on the go, and many foods are processed and packaged, one registered dietitian is hoping to bring back the basics of farm-to-table eating.

Stacey Antine started an educational company called HealthBarn USA to teach kids about farming, healthy eating and cooking. In essence, she’s promoting healthy habits in an environment where young people are often tempted with sugary snack foods and drinks.

“We’re seeing cardiovascular disease earlier, we’re seeing Type 2 diabetes,” said Antine. “And so you really want to set up that foundation for healthy eating and exercise, so that that doesn’t become their fate.”

Antine also says that in the past children that carried extra weight would typically lose it as they aged, but that’s often not the case nowadays, due to general lifestyle changes in America.

Despite dealing with serious topics, Antine believes that, to educate children about the risks of unhealthy eating, it’s essential to make the learning fun.

“So there’s really no talk about obesity or being fat,” she said. “It’s really more about the enjoyment of cooking and letting them have fun doing it so that they want to do it at home.”

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