Chris Christie Holds New Hampshire Town Hall, As Monmouth Poll Places Him in Top 10 Republican Hopefuls

NJ Spotlight News | September 3, 2015 | Politics
Gov. Chris Christie traveled to New Hampshire to hold a town Hall meeting.

Tonight, New Jersey’s governor is in New Hampshire again — on the presidential campaign trail trying to boost his poll numbers to ensure he’s on the main stage in the next debate. Right now, candidate Chris Christie is in, but barely it seems. NJTV News Chief political correspondent Michael Aron is in the granite state — at the Berlin VFW where the governor’s holding a town hall. Aron said that the town hall seemed to be smaller than the usual town halls that Christie has done in New Jersey but that he has been the candidate with the most recent visits to New Hampshire.

“It’s his 20th, 21st, or 22nd visit to New Hampshire, there’s some dispute on that. More than any other candidate in the field,” Aron said.

As the next Republican debate approaches on Sept. 16, Aron said that it looks like Christie will be a part of the second debate. While there is some criteria to consider for who makes the debate — placing within the top 10 in a August or September national poll– Aron said that Christie is tied for ninth in a recent Monmouth National poll. He also said that there is the possibility that Carly Fiorina becomes the 11th candidate to participate in the debate.

When asked about what Christie’s campaign is saying about the recent poll results, Aron said that he spoke to one of Christie’s senior campaign officials and that he said that he feels the campaign is making progress.

“He said the governor’s favorable ratings are up in these polls,” Aron said. “He said that half the voters in a presidential primary make up their mind in the final week. Three quarters of the voters make up their mind in the final month, so there’s still plenty of time to change the dynamic. And he pointed out that thanks to Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker seem to be fading in the polls. He said ‘we’re not sure we could have done that on our own but we’re glad that Trump seems to have that effect.”

Aron said that over the past week Christie has been making several television appearances. According to Aron, Christie’s campaign has been aggressively shopping around and that Christie is trying to make some news. Throughout his television appearances, Christie has been critical of the back and forth between Bush and Trump, as well as calling the Iran Nuclear deal as President Barack Obama’s worst achievement.

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