Business Report: Latest unemployment numbers, jobless benefits, gaming revenue

State estimates more than 800,000 New Jersey workers could be eligible for supplemental federal payouts

More than 29,000 New Jersey workers applied for unemployment benefits for the first time in the latest week, a 23% increase from the prior week, and the largest weekly total in three months.

Meantime, the state has determined more than 800,000 workers could be eligible for supplemental payouts from the federal FEMA lost wages assistance program. Eligible workers will receive that payment of up to $1,800 next week.

Gov. Phil Murphy Thursday joined with chief executive officers from some of New Jersey’s biggest companies to talk about putting more people to work. These executives say over the next decade, they are committed to hiring or training another 30,000 residents, with a focus on hiring workers from underserved communities of color.

Gambling revenue in New Jersey rose 6.5% in September compared to the prior year, with gains in both internet gaming and sports betting. But in the year to date, total gaming revenue is down nearly 25%.