Brennan committee co-chair: Release the emails and the campaign staff from their NDAs

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says she wants to hear and see more from Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez and Gov. Phil Murphy. In an interview with NJTV News Wednesday, Weinberg, who chairs the Legislative Select Oversight Committee, suggested that emails addressed to the prosecutor show that Suarez knew about the office’s investigation into Katie Brennan’s allegations that Al Alvarez sexually assaulted her.

Weinberg says issuing subpoenas for the emails, and to the prosecutor directly, are distinct possibilities. Suarez told NJTV News that she could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any emails, but that she was forbidden from turning them over because they would be considered part of an investigatory file.

Weinberg also called on Murphy to release campaign staff from non-disclosure agreements in order to allow anyone to come forward to testify before the committee about what some have described as a “toxic” environment during the campaign.

The committee is meeting again Friday. NJTV News will have the latest developments.