‘AusomeBalloonCreator’ spreads cheer and celebrates diversity through art

It’s been a busy month for Eddie Lin. Known as @AusomeBalloonCreator on Instagram, the 22 year old with autism went viral after putting his talents on display. Now, he’s using his gift to say thank you to essential employees.

Lin works on all his sculptures in his basement. As a visual learner, his mom Jenny says he relies on photos and the internet to recreate balloon art for local heroes. She’s in charge of ordering the hundreds of colorful balloons that Eddie uses daily, and all curbside pickups.

“We have orders for the rest of the month, until mid-June. I pretty much take one order a day. We are here to make people happy, but I’m also not going to overwork him,” she said.

One lucky recipient of Eddie’s talents is 79-year-old mail carrier Maganbhai Patel.

“It’s such a small gesture but it’s so special. Especially for someone in the field, someone like my dad, that feels left out. You go to your mailbox, you take your mail, you go back inside the house. You forget about the person that’s delivering that mail,” Patel’s son Ajay said.

Ajay says Eddie’s balloon art was an extra special surprise for his father who’s now battling COVID-19.

“It was the toughest three weeks of life. It was special to us because my dad has been working for the post office for 32 years and the smile that he brought to my dad’s face, I will never forget that. He got the shirt with with the U.S. Post Office. It looks like my dad with the nose and everything,” he said.

He says once social distancing measures are lifted, he hopes his family can meet and thank Eddie in person.

Eddie’s mom says she is now trying to use her son’s new found fame to raise awareness for autism.

“I am very thankful for the platform,” she said. “This is about people who are different from us in every shape and form. Kindness is a free gift so why not practice that?”

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