Aron Discusses Christie’s Take on Lawlessness in America

NJ Spotlight News | August 31, 2015 | Politics
Christie has taken on new talking points in his presidential campaign.

Candidate Chris Christie has been campaigning against lawlessness — not in Newark, but in America. And blaming President Barack Obama for what he calls the president’s selective enforcement of drug and immigration laws. NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron discussed Gov. Christie’s new talking points and thathow Christie has started running a new ad campaign with lawlessness in America as the theme.

“Lawlessness in America and around the world under Barack Obama, sanctuary cities engulfing Americans in crime. Drugs running rampant and destroying lives. ISIS beheading Christians. Iranian radicals and nuclear weapons. Now Hillary Clinton thinks the law doesn’t apply to her. Really? We need a strong law enforcer as president,” said Christie in an ad.

On what he is trying to achieve with the ad, Aron said that Christie is trying to shake things up within the Republican field and trying to climb his way up in the polls. Aron also said that Christie is trying to show that he is the only former law enforcement officer among the presidential candidates, something he mentioned during a recent appearance on a Fox News show.

“No one is above the law and unfortunately in the Obama administration there’s been lawlessness going in this country,” said Christie. “You have sanctuary cities, where the president turns his back and says you know if you don’t want to enforce the immigration law, you don’t have to. Marijuana — Colorado, Washington — you don’t want to enforce the federal law, you don’t have to. And apparently now Hillary Clinton has caught this disease as well and she believes certain laws only apply to her. And the worst part of this Chris, is her arrogance. Her arrogance that she won’t even answer questions. You heard her yesterday or two days ago with Ed Henry. He asked her three questions and she said, ‘I’ll answer one cause I think that’s what you deserve.’ Well thank you very much your highness, we appreciate it.”

When asked if this is working for Christie, Aron said that the sarcasm from Christie is entertaining, but that many question if Americans really care about the federal ban on marijuana. Aron also said that it’s been pointed out to him that Christie’s proposal of tracking people who come into the United States with visas, in a way similar to Federal Express, is getting attention and could become an issue in the presidential race.

While Christie has criticized Clinton for her email issues, Aron said that Christie has had an issue of his own as an email from his private account was sent to his press secretary during the bridgegate investigation.

“What we know is that he sent one email from his private account to his press secretary during the bridgegate matter and that 12 texts between him and his incoming chief of staff Regina Egea were deleted during…they were sent during a sensitive legislative hearing and were subsequently deleted,” said Aron. “Christie says this is no comparison to what Hillary Clinton has done. She deserves to be criminally examined and investigated. An enemy of Christie’s in Trenton said to me today, lawlessness in America begins with Trenton.”

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