Andy Kim holds town hall on decommissioning of Oyster Creek plant

Freshman Congressman Andy Kim held a town hall in Lacey Township Thursday to to take questions from local residents regarding the decommissioning of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant.

Kim, along with local elected officials and representatives from both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Holtec, the company that owns the plant, heard from residents who were concerned about a number of issues pertaining to the process of shutting down the plant and safely transporting the spent nuclear fuel rods to a secure storage location.

Holtec had promised to reduce the time it took to decommission the plant from 60 years to six, which worried some residents. They were also concerned about the lack of a permanent storage solution at the federal level, and the fact that it may mean the nuclear waste was sitting in Lacey Township in temporary storage facilities, increasing the danger for residents.

Kim assured the residents that there have been numerous successful shut downs of nuclear plants, and that he would make sure Holtec and the federal government were fully transparent with residents throughout the entire process. He said that there were many questions still left to be answered, but all parties were committed to shutting the plant down in the safest and most effective way possible.

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